Font trends arise yearly, hoping us new means of expressing ourselves. But, a slow design may affect even the most unique message. New typographic methods are what give our words life.

When we think designers have reached all options for reworking the same letters and symbols, they keep to amaze us. Font trends for 2022 include all from photo realistic to creative, soft to hard-edged, nostalgic to experimental. 

As we'll see in the following 9 font trends for 2022, we're in for an exciting year of unusual and unique font designs.

The Most Popular Font Trends in 2022

1. Super thick strokes

Typography often tries to steal the show, although it is usually a key character. Still, it'll likely take up the entire field in 2022.

More font variants with wide and thick lettering are expected, in particular. These chunky typefaces do many tasks in one go. They add focus in the same way as a bold weighted variety does. 

They blur the boundaries between negative space and letterform and surprise us with great forms. Yet, they are seen as both hefty and accessible all along the way due to their clear inflatability.

2. Arts and Crafts revival

Arts & Crafts was a late-19th century design trend. It renewed the old creative ways. Handmade ornate graphics and painted typography were famed in the precursor of Art Nouveau.

It blamed the Industrial Revolution's cruel unity, carrying automated manufacturing into the design. This hate of standard art is shared by new designers, who are short by digital tools. So now, digital fonts with stylistic strokes and crossbars are very artful, express the trend.


3. Authentic handwriting

Fonts have unique traits that carry certain character traits, as typographers are very well alert. Handwriting, on either hand, will still be the kind of lettering that gives the personality.

Handwritten font styles expect to appear in 2022, "the messier, the better." Also, provide a grunge look to projects, messy scribbles. 

It is also a social media-friendly look, ideal for many small and medium enterprises. As a way, they've become more common. Most of them will be handwritten in Procreate rather than fonts!

4. Morphing animations

Typesetters are often required to pick a single, like font style. So, why limit yourself to only one? asks the designers of 2022. Instead, typographers shift letters with creative morphing using the power of animation.

These letters are thick, thin, big, small, italic, and bold. The test goes over simple motion animations. It gives the feel that the text is alive as it has been for a lot longer.

5. Rounded fonts

Due to its safe, round edges, bubbly fonts limit children's design projects. Yet, in 2022, these circular fonts make their way out of children's birthday party invites. And also onto adult-oriented projects.

Far from seeming young, these very rounded fonts may feel alive when stretched out. But, they work well with many bright colors, giving their works a lively feel. And aside from being joyful, these font styles also have a touch of the unashamedly weird in their blobby, irregular forms. And this can attract audiences with unique tastes.

6. Experimental type

It's all about the order in the typeface. One letter follows the other in the same form. The standard guidelines set the size of every letter. However, we've been taught to think that texts are unreadable. Else, font designers in 2022 believe these rules undervalue the user's intellect.

We hope to see more typographic projects that push the limits of lettering forms in the coming year. But, of course, based on any rules the designer decides to break, the style of this trend might differ. 

And why are there mixed letters out of order, strange forms, and purposeful obscuring? And even the letterforms themselves have been redefined. These projects query what defines excellent practice to elevate typography to the level of art that we often profess it to be.

7. Tactile realism

The best-known form of telling a story is through writing. The relics of our daily lives are the ones that truly convey your story. Many font designers include tangible items and textures into letters to bring that up.

Designers in 2022 want letters to exist in the same world as their audience. No wonder our lives will turn digitized. So, the letters feel more real and bring the topic to strike, lifelike clarity.

8. Sharpened fonts

Per an old saying, "the pen is mightier than the sword." With sharp-edged font designs, many designers take this idea for 2022.

Chiseled edges, harsh angles, and oblique shapes are examples of this trend. Sharp fonts flare for the dramatic without resorting to strong variations' crude attention-seeking. 

These typefaces recall the seriousness of royal engraving since they may use old typographic forms. E.g., bracketed serifs and italic styles.

9. Retro curves

Would that be a trends list if there wasn't any vintage revival? We're going back to the 1970s with our big, curved lettering this year.

Bell bottom jeans are emphatic and cheery at the same time and evoke memories of a spinning vinyl record. With its sprawling terminals and fillagrees, it has a fanciful, adventurous vibe. And, just in the past, the inferred motion of the flowing curves gives these letterforms life even when they are still.

To conclude, we hope this article will be handy for designers in the year of 2022. Written by Atiya Fairooz (Sabah) Concept by Muhammad Hafijur Rahman