Are you facing the same trouble as Sabrina? Is it? Then, no worries we have made it simpler for you! 

My friend Sabrina, looks for the best logo fonts for branding. "Getting the best logo typeface isn't as simple as it is," she says. Instead, choosing the right fonts impact the clients' moods! As a reason, picking a proper font is a vital part of every brand.

Now, how to be sure if you've picked the ideal font for your firm? We've chosen up the top 10 logo fonts for your branding design in the hope of shining in 2022.

Top 10 Logo Fonts for your Branding-

  1. Bosca (Serif)

The Bosca font is a superb choice for a refined look for your brand.

Larin Type Co-designed the font in 2020. 

It offers the brand an elegant, sophisticated, and conservative feel.

  1. Karsten (Serif)

Karsten is the font if you want a powerful elegance drawn by Dutch architecture. 

Nasir Uddin designed and released this serif font in 2021.

  1. Chicago Makers (Serif)

The Chicago Makers font is ideal for creating a sleek and modern logo for a brand.

Din Studio created this serif font in the year 2021.

  1. Qualy (Sans Serif)

Qualy is a sans serif logo font that’s both modern and sleek. Shina Design created it in 2018 to make your logo pop out.

  1. Aquire (Sans Serif)

Aquire is a modern sans serif font that is bold and strong in look. Gregory Ortiz designed it in 2020. It has a futurist feel to it and is easy to read.

  1. Nixmat (Sans Serif)

Nixmat is an amazing addition to a minimal, clean, and simple logo.

Graphicfresh created it to help your brand identity be unique!

  1. Proxima Nova (Sans Serif)

Amongst sans serif fonts designed by Mark Simonson, the Proxima Nova family is a legend. Because of its simple and clean look, it is regarded as one of the best fonts.

  1. Aesthetic Notes (Script)

It's a handwritten, elegant font designed by Letterhead Studio in 2021.

It will make your brand shine for its great cursive logo font.

  1. Tahu (Script)

Tahu is a handwritten script font designed by Khurasan. 

It's a modern and clean font that most designers like for its amazing look and adaptability.

  1. Youth Line (Script)

Youth Line is the best pick for a romantic and feminine logo font.

Sakha Designs created this lovely and happy monoline script font in 2021.

Written by Atiya Fairooz (Sabah)
Concept by Muhammad Hafijur Rahman